Why Juicing without a Juicer is Great: Try It Today

Juicing is a health food craze that we love. It seems more and more people are taking it up nearly every day. But despite all the benefits juicing can have, many people seem to think that juicing without a juicer is not possible. Here, we will tell you that making juice without having a juicer is not only possible, it’s great! If you would like to add healthy, fresh juice to your diet but do not have a juicer, read on.

Why People Juice

There are quite a few reasons why people juice. Among the most common are:

  • You can create healthy, delicious drinks in minutes. Even your kids will love them!
  • You can use local, organic, fresh ingredients. 
  • Get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, fruits, and veggies all by drinking them.
  • Great for dieters, those following raw or gluten free diets, vegans or vegetarians. 
  • Quick and easy. Plus, you can take any of your juice on the go. 
  • Lose weight and detox by drinking juice (or juice fasting) on a regular basis.
  • Feel better overall as your health and diet improves. 

How Juicing without a Juicer Works

breville, juicing, juicer, nut milk bag
Do you really need one of these bulky, expensive to make delicious juice? We don’t think so.

But is juicing without a Breville or an Omega possible? Yes! As a matter of fact it is quite easy. All you need is a high speed blender, a large bowl, and a fine mesh nut milk strainer bag. Just chunk up your ingredients, throw them in the blender and blend until smooth. Feel free to add a bit of water if needed. Put your strainer bag into a large bowl and pour the mixture into it. Press the mixture through by twisting your bag or pulling the drawstring. Save the pulp to add to other recipes, later. Your juice is ready. You can drink it right then or put in a covered container and chill for later. 

Why Try It? 

Making juice with a nut milk bag and blender is a fantastic alternative for many people. Not only does it allow you to enjoy all the benefits of juicing, but you can do so without investing in a special piece of kitchen equipment to do so. Plus, you can save space in your kitchen. Juicers are also pretty hard to clean. Cleaning a blender after juicing without a juicer can be done in your dishwasher. So start adding more healthy stuff to your diet, all while saving money, effort, and time. Your family (and your body) will thank you for it. 

Check out this guide on making juice without a juicer, and find out where to buy a nut milk bag.